Sellers – Have you been shocked by the cost of offering vendor finance with your property?


Hi, Phil here again.  If you’ve spoken to other vendor finance businesses lately, you’ve probably already discovered that they will want to pass their increasing costs on to you.  In fact typically they’ll want half of your profit or more.

So by the time you split your profits with them, there’s not much left for you unless your buyer is happy to pay a very big price.

So Vendor Finance can be complicated and expensive.

Yet vendor finance is nothing new.  It’s been going on in Australia for over a century, and it’s been included in the Sale of Land Act in Victoria for over half a century. And whether a vendor finance business helps you or not, your deal should not happen without the help of:

  • a qualified finance broker for your buyer;
  • a lawyer;
  • and a loan manager for your contract.
So why throw in a middle person as well?

If you’re thinking of offering vendor finance with your property:

  • Why pay someone who has expensive compliance costs to help you with your deal?
  • Why share the profit, the cash-flow, and the deposit with anyone else?
  • and why keep missing out when there is so little competition for vendor finance homes in your area?

Now you can learn the simple steps of Do-it-Yourself Vendor Finance – using similar systems used by professional investors and vendor finance businesses.

DIY Vendor FinanceDIY Vendor Finance for Sellers makes you the project manager of your own deal.  It’s not an information or marketing pack, padded with endless success stories and case studies, but an online package of step by step learning and time saving tools to show you how to actually do your deal.  

You could be advertising your property with vendor finance in a week, and saving a ton of money – not just by knowing how to put your deal together, but by not making the same costly mistakes that some professionals are still making today.


So what’s in DIY Vendor Finance for Sellers?

You’ll Learn:

  • A Step By Step process, with estimators, links, tips and expanded content – designed around proven processes that give you the least amount of things to get right to put your deal together like a professional;
  • How to use the tools for explaining to buyers and brokers exactly what they need to know;
  • What not to say in your ad in a world of ever changing real-estate and finance advertising laws;
  • The little known Mortgage Insurance secret that could ruin your deal if you don’t know this in advance;
  • How to use the Vendor Finance Estimator – the simplest way to run the numbers for vendor finance instalment sales.

In the Vendor Finance Estimator you’ll find:

  • Tooltips on every input field so you know what you’re doing to produce a fair estimate for yourself and your buyer;
  • The Contract Length Estimator – teaches you how to not put together a deal that’s doomed to fail;
  • Vendor vs Buyer Equity Alert’ so you’ll never be upside down on equity – yes this can happen!
  • Contract Order Generator – Discover how to mimimise expensive communication with your lawyer by giving them the information they need in the first place;
  • Expanded content for the analytical.

Note: Contract Templates are NOT part of this program.  Well intentioned investors have come seriously unstuck relying on contract templates.  We’ll show you how to easily specify your contract so a real lawyer with real experience can will prepare, and stand behind your contract.

Today it’s just $397.00.

That’s a fraction of what some lawyers will charge just for the extra phone calls you could be making without this program; or just 1 or 2% of what it can cost to have a middle person involved in your deal. Included is membership access for twelve months – heaps of time to get your deal done.

Don’t vendor finance your property without learning DIY Vendor Finance for Sellers – even if you’re already working with a middle person or a vendor finance business. There’s a good chance you’ll know something they don’t.


Minimum Requirements for use – a computer or a tablet,  internet access, a browser other than Internet Explorer, a good understanding of numbers.  

Not recommended for NT, ACT or SA.